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The Connection Queen Story

As a career sales woman I found my way into a 'once in a lifetime' job op that offered large commission checks. One hitch. I HAD to make those sales; I had goals, I had grit, I had heart. None of those things matter if your customer doesn't know how and where to do business with you. So I made it my mission to perfect the relationship marketing and sales skills that bring you to the top of their list. Here you will find the essentials that will bring you there WITHOUT losing yourself.

3 $$$ Making Resets

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, do ANOTHER promo, drum up another lead pool, create a new avatar. Money doesn't grow on trees. It just needs to know how to find you. Take care of these three things and the rest will take care of itself. Become a master of these and seasons/campaigns/promos will become a bonus - NOT a one hit wonder.


Send "We still love you" Cards.
Thanking them for their past support.


Set new goals BEFORE the new year.
This will set you up for an amazing season.


Work on ONE more thing.
Become the master.

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When Did You Last Thank Someone?

Your relationships are important. Be sure to let those you care about and work with know how much you appreciate them.

Build Solid Human-to-Human Connections that allow you to generate stronger referrals.

Are You Ready!?

I am on a mission to positively affect 1 million paychecks - schedule a time with me and let's affect yours!

Shaina is a master of Relationship Marketing and Sales magic! Working with her has helped me start to see immediate...

Posted by Carol Suzuki on Thursday, August 20, 2020