Raise your hand if you are ready to establish your authority with current and future clients…

Imagine If…

✓ You took back control
✓ You had a prioritized growth plan structured with You and FOR YOU
✓ You shouldered the confidence you currently idolize

...That Created

✓ A steady flow of qualified referrals.
✓ The retained sales foundation of your dreams.

One Size WON’T fit all,

Because your sales conversationsare NOT one size fits all!

"As my sales coach, Shaina, has walked my through the 'meat and potatoes' of being my own sales person. The level of empowerment Shaina embodies allows me to be the 'gen Xer' and introvert that I am all the way to the bone.”

Wendy R.

You are a great fit for the academy if…

You don’t want to feel “sales-y”
Your ‘just checking in’ follow-ups aren’t netting $$$
Your leads aren’t turning into sales volume

"Shaina has helped me more than triple my income. She is amazing at helping figure out what you need to do and actually 'be' to vibrate in the level of the amazing things that are sitting in your escrow for the universe. I can never repay her for the abundance that she has helped me bring into my life.”

Tallulah K.
Car Sales

In The Connection Queen Academy we provide practical and impactful strategies to solo-preneurs in a candid environment. Here we help you create the sales magic that keeps you feeling like the authentic, abundant and actionable entrepreneur you are!

“In working with Shaina, and talking about  my goals I take it a lot more personally than some people, if I say it I have to follow through. Definitely a mindset shift.”

Britta B.
Be Squared Bookkeeping